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Fifth Convergence Summit 2017

First  Convergence Summit

Second  Convergence Summit  2014

Third  Converegence Summit  2015

Fourth  Convergence Summit  2016

Programme Outline : 5G Digital India Convergence Summit 2018

Conclave Highlights: 

  • 5G Technology for the future
  • Evolving business models and ‘rise of the intermediaries’
  • 5G – Fostering innovation across industry verticals
  • Massive IoT: Most anticipated use case of 5G
  • Challenges and way forward to unleash the power of 5G

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Programme Outline
5G Concept Note


Digital : 5G Technology for the Future

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New frontiers for connectivity and ability to provide differentiated services is driving innovative business models. Roles are opening up for intermediaries both upstream and downstream to telecom service providers. Prevalent use cases of changes in business models and potential for creation of new “merchant” markets in the telco value chain in the Indian context.

With faster speeds, reduced latency and higher bandwidth 5G would support a plethora of application. 5G is enabling digitalization of vertical markets and enhancing and building new service capabilities across sectors. How business across industry verticals are planning on leveraging on this technology disruption for new service innovation?

Massive IoT

With Low-Power Wide-Area (LPWA) technology, narrowband IOT and LTE-M (M2M) telecom service providers are enabling networks which can support massive IoT. Which massive IoT use cases we see wider commercialization in India? Will massive IoT deployments enhance telecom service provider role in Smart Cities? Combatting the security threats across connected devices, securing compliance and efficiency.

Challenges & way forward - 5G

Strategic considerations for modernizing infrastructure and acquisition of resources to unleash potential of 5G. Drivers and obstacles predicting commercial deployment and readiness of network and services. Recommendations and way forward to prosper 5G landscape across markets.


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