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First TELECOM Convergence 

Second TELECOM Convergence 2014

Third TELECOM Converegence  2015

Fourth TELECOM Convergence 2016



Target audience - Who Should Attend?

The participants include but not limited to the following:


Policy makers, regulators & nodal agencies

Cyber Security Companies/PSUs/BPO/ITes

Telecom service providers

Media and Entertainment companies

Content providers

Digital and Internet Service providers

Passive and Active Infrastructure players being the backbone of the industry

Equipment manufacturers and suppliers

Energy Consultants

Operation & maintenance engineers

Technology suppliers & users

R & D institutions

Banks & financial institutions

IT Security Professionals
Police & Paramilitary Forces
Central/State Government Officials
Banks and Financial Institutions
Human Resources Professionals
e-Commerce & Online Trade Companies
Hospitals/IT Software Companies
Consultants & Experts/Railways/Educational Institutes/Stock Exchanges & Broking Firms/Surveillance Software



Digital : Security & Privacy in the Converged World

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Layered Telecom Network

Security is only as strong as the weakest link. How robust are core/ access networks and handsets. It is critical to identify the key issues pertaining to data protection in relation to the delivery of digital services.

Data Security and Privacy

For a developing country of the size of India, digital could be the only way forward to connect and to deliver multitude of services to the citizens. While the world has started to explore 5G technology, National fibre backbone project is seeing multiple delays and cost overruns while satellite communication is only being used by enterprises. 

Emerging Risks 

The opportunities arising from proliferation of emerging technologies like blockchain, AI, robotics, social networking, autonomous vehicles, etc., are unlimited, but at the same time, these also give rise to unprecedented risks. Risks can come in all shapes and sizes and the cyber security solutions for one industry or individual might not fit others. 


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